LEARN outdoors

                                           In the Shuswap Watershed



​SD83 has a database of outdoor locations to engage your students. Each location presented includes valuable information to ensure curriculum connections with what you are doing in class.  It includes the pertinent details needed to make your next outdoor field study a success.



We have a variety of options for professional development in 2017/2018 specific to outdoor learning. Opportunities exist for both teachers experienced working outdoors and those that are less comfortable teaching in outdoor settings. 



We have a team of teachers available to answer questions, share ideas and help you deliver a successful outdoor experience with your class.


WELCOME! This online resource is a collaborative effort by SD83 teachers intended to facilitate and enable outdoor learning opportunities. Our goal is that this will be a place to connect both experienced and inexperienced teachers to further the movement towards outdoor learning that is gaining momentum in our district. Further, this website aims to provide some useful resources that can be used by teachers to facilitate outdoor field studies and help us develop our skills in order to deliver quality hands-on education throughout the school year. If you have any feedback on the website, please contact us as we are open to ideas! 

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