Scroll down for our 2019 camp selections for the upcoming summer!

Registration opens March 21st at noon.  

Camps on offer this summer:

K/1 camp, Gr. 1/2, 3/4, 5-7, 8/9, 3-5 art camp, and a 4-6 Indigenous-themed camp in Armstrong

Note: Please register your child for the grade they are currently completing. To register, click on the 'Register' tab that will lead you to our new online form. All camps are in July this year to try to avoid cancellation due to smoke.


July 8-11, 2019                      

Age 5/6 camp  This camp is now full - please register to be added to waitlist 

4-day day camp    

          Maximum participants: 10

Cost: $220                        


​In this camp we will be doing team-building activities and learning to use all our senses to explore the natural environment.  Through daily hikes, games and nature-based activities, we will be exploring four local sites including Coyote Park, Little Mountain, Salmon Arm Nature Bay and Park Hill/Canoe Beach.  This camp runs for four days from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm daily, Monday to Thursday.  


The lead instructors for this camp include Katie Dawson and Jaana Mainprize.

July 5 -7, 2019               

Grades 1/2     This camp is now full - please register to be added to waitlist  

3-day day camp                            

Maximum participants: 12

Cost: $195                         


"Mindfulness, Music, & Mountains" - This camp is open to new Wild Wonders participants and also for 'graduates' of last year's K/1 camp. We will get to know each other as we explore Syphon Falls in Gleneden, the old growth majesty of North Fork Wild, and a big hike at Mt. Baldy. Throughout the camp we will engage our senses, get in touch with nature, expand our natural knowledge, and play some fun games. 


The lead instructors for this camp are Sonya Rokosh and Cameron Wallace.


July 12-14 2019                    

Grades 3/4 

3-day camp with 1 overnight

                                                                                    Maximum participants: 16

Cost: $235                         


Come join us as we discover Hidden Worlds at the Eagle River and Larch Hills. Participants will be encouraged to use their imagination to explore local habitats, wildlife signs, stories and activities in our local forests. Our first outing will be to the Eagle River on Friday, followed by a 2 day (Sat/Sun) hike and overnight tent camp on the Larch Hills Traverse.


The lead instructors for this camp are Martine Dollack, Els Hryniw and Christy Wright. 

July 26 - 28, 2019                              

Grades 5-7   This camp is now full - please register to be added to waitlist

3-day camp with 2 overnights   

                                                                                    Maximum participants: 18

Cost: $235                        


Participants in this camp will enjoy a high-altitude experience in the scenic Mt. McRae area just southeast of Revelstoke.  A short hike in with full packs will be rewarded with a beautiful lakeside camping area, with lots of peaks and ridges to explore over the next two days.  Team-building, outdoor survival skills and identifying flora and fauna will also be a big part of this experience.


The lead instructors for this camp include Jeremy Ayotte, Ceren Caner and Geoff Styles.

July 17-19, 2019                     

Grade 8/9   

3-day camp with 2 overnights

                                                                                   Maximum participants: 12

​Cost: $235                         


This camp will explore the lakes and forests in the Fly Hills in Salmon Arm. Activities include bird watching, fishing, canoeing, hiking, shelter craft, fire craft, tarpology and plant ID. This camp promises to be a lot of fun! 

The lead instructors for this camp include Tekki Brown-Hryniw and Kris Hryniw.

July 22-25th, 2019      

Grade 3 - 5

4-day Art/drama day camp   

Maximum participants: 12

Cost: $235                         


This year art camp is going to include drama in nature as well as art making.  We will be discovering stories in nature while using art and drama to create a show together based on our findings. We will be spending all four days public and private green spaces in Salmon Arm. Locations will be made available shortly. 


The lead instructors for this camp include Michelle Atkins, who brings her background in fine arts and the creative process. We are also excited to have Sonya Rokosh also bringing her enthusiam and expertise to this camp!

July 9-12, 2019              

Grades 4 - 6 

4-day Indigenous Outdoor Connections camp in Enderby/Armstrong   

Maximum participants: 12

Cost: $220                        


"In this camp, we will strengthen our connection to nature through traditional Indigenous teachings. Participants will learn how to identify native plants and their uses, traditional harvesting methods, traditional arts such as bulrush mats, Indigenous games, hand drumming and oral stories. We will visit Mt. Rose-Swanson, Otter Lake, and Thomas Hayes Ecological Park. We look forward to our participants creating their own lifelong memories embedded in the natural environment around them."


Lead Instructors are Launa Payne and Laura Dolha.



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