outdoor learning camps

3 good reasons to register...


Research shows that simply spending time in nature can contribute to the health and well-being of children. Additionally, our camps require lots of running, hiking and exploring on hands and knees!

Leadership and Team-building

Increasingly, our world is in need of leaders and collaborators. These are learned skills that must be developed. Each of our camps spends a great deal of time helping the participants hone their  communication and problem solving skills.

Environmental Education
Familiarizing ourselves with our local environment is paramount if we have any intention of protecting it. The best way to learn is in the field, getting our hands dirty and seeing the natural world first hand.

These day-camps are rooted in the movement to connect children to nature. Each year, there is more evidence suggesting that spending more time outdoors can improve physical and emotional health, creativity, and interpersonal relationships. Additionally, children are more willing to protect and care for what they know and love.

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